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Suede at the scene is definitely not new things - but have seen the increase in late popularity. Suede pure means a leather with a carding fabric, although it can also refer to other fabrics with similar matting or drawing surfaces.

The name of the suede is the French "Swedish glove" - gants de Suede. This kind of textile comes from the lower side of the animal skin, the most common in the lamb, but also calves, goats, deer and pigs. It is this animal derived, some homeowners and designers prefer to use imitation leather suede in their designs. No upper tough skin, suede leather is relatively soft, but not as durable as other leather.

Suede soft texture makes it an ideal choice for exquisite home items and decoration. However, textiles need good care because it is easy to get dirty and has a strong water absorption. Those who do not like to use animal products to dress up their own home can buy other fabrics, these fabrics are the same brushed or flannel finish. Another advantage of artificial suede is the ease of maintenance and maintenance. Cotton yarn or silk using roving to obtain the effect of suede; also use synthetic polyester, such as micro-suede - it has more stretch, making it an ideal choice for interior decoration.

We recommend a variety of suede home products, from roller blinds, Roman blinds, accent pads, ready-made hole curtains, curtains on the label, shade, and even cover the wall canvas!

Use dark purple on walls and dark wood flooring or black tiles. Use a white tufted headboard to express your bed with modern, clean lines. By decorating the tufted white fabric to match the headboard and renewing a footstool at the end of the bed. On the windows, the suede made homemade soft brown louvers once again with the tan running shoes. The rest of the bedings use classic white linens and beautiful white floor carpets to add comfort, in stark contrast to dark floors.

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