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About the use and maintenance of suede towel

  • Update:23-08-2017
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    Wash and Save: The first time before use, must be soake […]

    Wash and Save:
    The first time before use, must be soaked in water for 2 minutes, a little rub, wring dry use; after the use of suede can be placed within 40 ℃ within 10 hours after soaking in warm water scrub; dirt too much, you can use a small amount of Wash the shower gel and wash it with water. After washing the suede on the shade to dry or dry, dry before the best hand rub again, so that suede is not easy to hard after the dry. The key lies in the maintenance, dust, oil and moisture is the most basic protection, the product on a regular basis and after use Of the timely cleaning, is to maintain a good working condition, extend the life of the most effective way.
    1, new products open, please wash in water for 10 seconds after use
    2, harden the product, easy to prevent the breeding of bacteria, does not affect the use of soft after immersion can be.
    3, can be used in conjunction with neutral detergent, washing machine can be used, can not dry clean, not bleach.
    4. Please use the water temperature of 70 degrees Celsius after use can be put back to the barrel of moisture.
    Long time do not have to dry to save
    1: Why is the towel received wet? A: Yes, the towel is semi-humid state, and even some of the towel's outer packaging plastic bags have very obvious water vapor, this is because the towel in the factory, in order to maintain the soft state of the towel moisturizing packaging The Recommended to rinse with water before.
    2: towel will not fade? A: towel in the early use, there will be a little faded situation, this is like jeans, more or less there will be faded. White is the natural color of the towel, without dyeing, never fade.
    3: the life of the towel? A: The towel is very durable, usually several times the life of ordinary towels, the normal use of the case, the use of more than a year and a half absolutely no problem.


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