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Advantages and disadvantages of short plush

  • Update:17-08-2018
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    The Knitted Warp Knitted Fabric Short Plush has been de […]

    The Knitted Warp Knitted Fabric Short Plush has been developed. After deep development, the series are super soft velvet, flash super soft, flat wire, flat velvet, short plush series products, widely used in clothing, bedding, shoes and hats. And so on. Come to lower prices, higher quality, practice in foreign trade, domestic sales factories, and get good sales results
    After brushing, the surface presents a rich, fluffy cotton fabric. There are two types of single velvet and double velvet. The single-faced velvet tissue is mainly twill, also known as velvet; the double-faced velvet is mainly plain. The flannel cloth is soft, comfortable and comfortable, and it is suitable for winter underwear and pajamas. Printed velvet and dyed velvet velvet should be used as a spring and autumn coat for women and children. The flannel printed with the image of animals, flowers and fairy tales is also called velvet, which is suitable for children. This color velvet, bleached velvet, white velvet, sesame velvet are generally used as winter clothing, gloves, shoes and hats. The fleece of the flannel is formed by repeatedly applying the needle tip of the brushing machine to pull a part of the fiber on the surface of the fabric, and the fluff is required to be short, dense and uniform. The printed velvet is brushed before printing, and the bleached and variegated flannel is finally brushed. The warp yarn used for the grey fabric of the flannel should be fine; the weft yarn should be thick and the twist should be less. The cotton fibers of the spun yarn are preferably coarse and have a good uniformity. The fabric has a small density and a large weft density, so that the weft yarns appear on the surface, which is beneficial to the formation of full and uniform fluff of the weft cotton fibers. After the flannel is brushed, the latitudinal strength loss is large, so it is very important to master the quality of the cotton yarn and the brushing process. Fluffy cotton, single or double velvet, especially for underwear and pajamas.
    First, the appearance is light and clean, with a good amount of breathability and drape
    Second, the texture is soft, light and transparent, smooth and flexible
    Third, wearing a strong sense of comfort, very elegant
    Fourth, after high temperature shrinkage treatment, not easy to deform and wrinkle
    Five, good physical properties, high fiber strength, wear-resistant, durable wear-resistant
    Sixth, good chemical properties, alkali resistance, chemical resistance, insect resistance, anti-fungal.


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