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Advantages of suede fabrics

  • Update:08-08-2017
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    High grade Suede has a soft, smooth, lightweight textur […]

    High grade
    Suede has a soft, smooth, lightweight texture and a good touch and looks much more upscale than other fabrics.
    Unique style
    Suede fabric surface plump and meticulous, because of its surface fiber is very fine, forming a multi-storey structure, small reflection, shiny, soft color. Slender fiber bending stiffness (of the object's resistance to its bending deformation) is small, highlighting the elegant, chic feel.
    Because the surface fiber is fine, the gap is many and dense, give the fabric better water absorption and oil absorption. The micro structure of fabric allows the fabric to have more static air, so it can get better heat insulation and heat preservation function.
    Water proof and steam permeable performance is remarkable
    Generally, the diameter of raindrops is between 100~200 and m, while the body's water vapor is about 0.1 M. As long as the shrinkage rate is controlled and the fiber gap is changed, the island high density fabric with a gap of only 0.2 to 10 mu m can be woven, thus giving the fabric excellent waterproof and vapor permeability.
    Strong cleaning ability
    Because of the large specific surface area of the fine fiber, the voids are dense and dense, giving the fabric a very strong cleansing effect. Soft leather made from suede fabric is soft and will never scratch clean objects.

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