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Choose the Appropriate Ruiheng Sofa Fabric

  • Update:02-06-2017
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    The sofa in the living room is an expensive investment. […]

    The sofa in the living room is an expensive investment. If you are buying a new sofa, you will consider its design and its decoration, which is essential to change the decoration. Aesthetics is of paramount importance Also important is to choose a sofa fabric.

    If you have children at home, family members will use the sofa in large quantities, you may need a thick and durable sofa fabric, this time to extend the life of the sofa, and easy to clean and maintain. You will want to keep a fresh fabric, for many years will not have any wear marks. In this case, the best fabric is a rotating fabric, a sturdy interior fabric made of textured polyester yarns. It has a medium weight, tightly woven, does not attract dust, has a lovely look.

    Ordinary fabrics are also suitable for use in sofa fabrics, especially in large quantities. Texture weave gives you a rich appearance of the sofa, you will not notice the physical traces. An alternative is a small dot matrix, which has a unique look and unique pattern of its appearance. This tough and durable polyester fabric can resist abrasion, mildew and dyeing. Both are ideal if you have a budget, or because of the large use of family members, need to replace the interior for several years.

    If the decoration is important, you must convey the luxury and chic impression, then you can choose a different choice. You may consider using microfiber, silk, wool, blended fabric, polyester or cotton as the material. Chenille fabric has its own charm and beauty, with a crowded look and shiny, to convey the warmth and warm impression. If the synthetic fiber sofa does not attract you, then you can choose to use jute yarn made of interior. Nano jute fabric light weight, the most suitable for fashion contemporary touch of elegant interior.

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