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Classification of mesh cloth

  • Update:03-08-2018
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    A fabric having a mesh-shaped small hole is a mesh clot […]

    A fabric having a mesh-shaped small hole is a mesh cloth. Different mesh fabrics, mainly organic woven mesh fabrics and knitted mesh fabrics, can be woven with different equipment.
    There are two kinds of weaving methods for woven mesh fabrics: one is to use two sets of warp yarns (ground and twist) to form a shed and twist with the weft yarns (see the leno weave). The twisting is twisted on the left side of the ground by a special twisted heddle (also known as semi-heddle). After one (or three or five times) wefting, twisting to the right side of the ground, due to mutual twist The mesh-shaped small holes formed by the twisting and weft interlacing are structurally stable, which is called leno. The other is the change of the jacquard structure or the piercing method. The warp yarns are grouped in three groups, and a caries can be inserted into the caries. The cloth has a small hole in the fabric, but the mesh structure is unstable and easy to move, so it is also called a fake leno.
    The woven mesh fabric has white or dyed weave, and also has a large jacquard, which can be woven with different patterns. Breathable, after the bleaching and dyeing process, the cloth body is very cool, in addition to doing summer clothing, especially suitable for curtains, mosquito nets and other supplies.


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