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Clothing fabric various stain washing methods

  • Update:30-09-2018
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    Tea stains: 1. It is a new stain of tea, which can be w […]

    Tea stains:
    1. It is a new stain of tea, which can be washed with hot water.
    2, old stains can be washed with concentrated salt water
    soy sauce:
    1. Fresh soy sauce stains can be washed with cold water and then with detergent.
    2, old soy sauce stains, you can add a proper amount of ammonia in the detergent to dip, or try to wash the crucible with alcohol, you can slightly remove the old soy sauce stains
    Red ink stains:
    1. The new stains are first washed with cold water, then soaked in warm soapy liquid for a while, then rinsed with water.
    2, Chen stains can be washed first with detergent, then rubbed with 10% alcohol solution to remove
    Ink stains:
    1. Mix the rice grains and detergent thoroughly, apply it to the stains, and rinse with clean water.
    2. It can also be rubbed repeatedly with a solution of alcohol and two soaps. It also has good results.
    3. Apply the toothpaste to the stained area and rinse with water. If it is silk, spread the stain on the clean paper, apply dry cleaning agent or alcohol, smear the back of the silk fabric until the stain disappears, then wash ,rinsing
    Ballpoint pens:
    1, the first thing to look at is what the clothes are, the general practice is to put a towel under the stains, use a small brush to stain the alcohol, gently brush the stains to dissolve and spread, then put the clothes in cold water, smeared with soap Gently brush, so that it can be removed two or three times, you can basically remove the ballpoint pen oil
    2. If there is still a small amount of residue left after washing, it can be removed by soaking or boiling with hot soapy water. This method can be used for cotton and cotton polyester fabrics.
    3. If the wool material is stained with ballpoint pen oil, first put the stain on the trichloroethylene and alcohol


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