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Different Kinds of Curtain Fabric

  • Update:17-02-2017
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    Many different types of fabrics work well for curtains […]

    Many different types of fabrics work well for curtains and draperies, but before you choose fabric for curtains, consider the window you are covering and your interior decoration. Find a fabric that complements the room and the style of the window. For casual decoration, you might want to choose burlap or cottons. For more dramatic or elegant rooms, velvet, brocades, or jacquards may work well. If you are going for a bright sunny look, you might want to consider sheer fabrics such as lace or voile.

    Silk curtains are heavy and drape well, offering a romantic look that's ideal for bedrooms or formal dining rooms. If you're hanging silk curtains in rooms that receive a lot of natural light, protect your investment by using window shades or a lighter-colored panel for lining, as silk is very susceptible to sun damage.

    Linen tends to be a billowier fabric that still provides a tailored look, making curtains constructed of this material perfect for a casual dining area, airy bedroom, or contemporary living room. Linen drapes nicely, and the sheer fabric doesn't block the sun, which allows for natural light to fill your living space. Linen curtains are typically dry clean only, and they should be hung immediately to avoid wrinkling.

    Curtains constructed of cotton or a cotton blend are a versatile option, as they offer a crisp, clean feel that suits traditional or modern decorating styles. Cotton curtains drape well, making them a great option for formal dining rooms. If you're looking to block sunlight in a bright bedroom or provide privacy in your living room, choose cotton curtains with a tight weave, or opt for a cotton panel with lining. If you prefer your room to have a light, airy feel, go for sheer cotton curtains.

    Velvet is a heavy fabric that keeps out the cold, making these window treatments ideal insulators for homes with drafty windows. Thanks to their thickness, velvet curtains provide extra privacy and help to block sounds and light.

    Lace is a very sheer fabric, allowing curtains of this material to diffuse natural light and offer an open, airy feel. Use lace curtains to add a romantic touch in your traditionally styled dining room, or hang them over French doors to provide some privacy while still letting you enjoy the outdoor sunlight.

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