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Different Materials of Curtain Fabric

  • Update:27-03-2017
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    Someone once said, "privacy, like breathing and eating, […]

    Someone once said, "privacy, like breathing and eating, is the basic requirement of life." When you buy a new house, the first thing you do is clean and paint, is to use different types of materials cover glass doors and windows. Today, many people now choose to make their own curtains, or at least choose curtains, and then tailored by professionals. The reason behind it is complex, but one of the main benefits of course is that by choosing your own fabric, you have the opportunity to create a curtain that someone else does not have at home.


    Curtain fabric is a lot of different materials, you can choose according to their own needs. Silk must be one of the richest fabrics used to make curtains. Usually woven into different patterns and styles that can perfectly create more beautiful, formal windows. It can be used for full length panel curtains, Roman tones and even balloon tones. The obvious shortcoming of silk is that it is expensive, unless you can find a cheap dealer, which is probably expensive. Another drawback is that if the curtains are unlined, the silk tends to rot in direct sunlight.


    Cotton is a cheap choice, is a very versatile fabric. Cotton can also be woven in different ways to achieve different effects, such as plain weave. The versatility of cotton means that it can be used for simpler, simpler appearance and elegant, complex styles. Cotton is easy to clean, but the lining may not be.


    Linen has become one of the more popular curtains in recent years. Flax can be woven into light and heavy weaving, which means that you can use a range of styles when using this material. Compared with silk and wool, the price of linen is relatively affordable. One drawback is that linen is easy to wrinkle in a damp environment and should use clean linen curtains, dry cleaning service facts.


    Wool has obvious advantages. When woven into a thick fabric, it will also provide an elegant appearance without effort. Wool is very easy to be dyed, and varies depending on which type of wool the cost varies. For example, some sheep's wool is relatively cheap, and wool from alpacas or llamas can be quite expensive. Unfortunately, wool is hygienic, like linen is not the best choice for wet rooms.


    In addition, there is curtain fabric made of synthetic materials, you should choose these according your own situation.

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