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Distinguish fabric sofa fabric is good or bad

  • Update:04-09-2017
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       In terms of technology, the printed pattern of thin […]

       In terms of technology, the printed pattern of thin fabric because of simple and cheap technology; and patterns and other patterns are woven up, it is more solid, but also more upscale, buy carefully observe the pattern of fabric is what kind of situation, by the Different latitude and longitude weaving pattern has a three-dimensional, unlike the printed fabric as smooth.
    From the fabric, by the cotton, pure wool woven fabric than ordinary rayon fabric grade high.
    The most comfortable fabric sofa or pure cotton, in general, the best choice for sofa fabric, its advantages are:
       1, the higher the density, this fabric is very durable, not easy to fold or damaged, the use of a relatively long cycle;
       2, sitting comfort, pure natural cotton fabric, very close to the skin, sit soft and delicate, people feel very comfortable.
       Cloth or lining: This is a detailed problem, and the sofa has a great relationship between the comfort; sofa filler and silk, generally on the sponge layer, increase the sofa's softness, comfort, sofa corners and Back inside the parts are filled with cotton, soft fluffy, feel smooth, warm and comfortable, breathable and good; latte of a classic product also used a down, which should be considered the best filler, warm and comfortable breathable, Sitting comfort and strong, but also according to the different parts of the human body and set off their own shape.


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