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Fabric printing / embroidery / jacquard difference

  • Update:27-06-2017
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    The market pattern of clothing fabrics a lot, but basic […]

    The market pattern of clothing fabrics a lot, but basically are printing, embroidery, jacquard these kinds of technology to do out of these three kinds of process methods vary widely, so do the flower shape is also very different, then Weifang Henry Textile Co., Ltd. take you to see the characteristics of these three processes and the difference:
    Printed fabric: Printing is a dye or paint in the fabric on the fabric to form a pattern of this process, printing is a partial dyeing, for the color fastness of dyes or coatings have a higher demand; printing process is active printing and the general distinction between printing, there is a Printing paper is a thermal transfer printing, this printing paper directly on the fabric fabric, with an iron or heat press machine can be easily transferred to the fabric up, this printing paper is widely used, such as clothing, dolls , T-shirts, hats, shoes, gloves, socks, bags and leather products, plastic products, wood products and so on;
    Embroidery Fabric: Embroidery process is in the weaving of the fabric using the machine or artificial embroidery up the pattern. This process is not easy to clean fast color fastness, breathability and hygroscopicity is also good. Computer embroidery flower version requires professional drawing software to complete.
    Jacquard fabric: Jacquard process relative to the previous two there is a big difference between the printing and embroidery are woven in the fabric on the printing or embroidery up, and jacquard is in the weaving when the use of different colors of the yarn staggered to form a convex pattern pattern. Jacquard fabric permeability better, the relative cost is higher.log on to our official website for more details :http://www.ruihengtextile.com/

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