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Fabric sofa 8 attention

  • Update:24-07-2017
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    1, pay attention to fabric sofa fabric and color choice […]

    1, pay attention to fabric sofa fabric and color choice;
    2, pay attention to fabric sofa structure (strength and steel);
    3, pay attention to the sofa material is normal after drying, whether there is a rotten deformation;
    4, pay attention to cloth cloth sofa armrest size, height, length is consistent;
    5, observe fabric sofa fabric color is bright, such as new, whether or not off and damage, exposed parts whether burr, acute angle, hollow edge and tooth mouth;
    6, to promote cloth sofa when the foot is consistent, whether the screw is good;
    7, back cushion soft and moderate, empty hand force on the surface, there should be no metal friction and other abnormal sound;

    8, fabric sofa internal and external metal parts and springs shall not rust.http://www.ruihengtextile.com/

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