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Fabric sofa maintenance techniques

  • Update:18-09-2017
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       1, couch sofa maintenance    Flannel fabric sofa can […]

       1, couch sofa maintenance
       Flannel fabric sofa can be cleaned with a clean brush dipped in a little dilution of alcohol sweep again, and then dry hair dryer, in case of fruit juice stains, with a little soda powder and water and mix thoroughly, and then stained with a cloth stained, stains can also clear.
       2, cotton sofa maintenance
       As the cotton fabric is more fragile, therefore, in the cleaning need to use low-temperature water cleaning, try not to use the washing machine, can not use bleach cleaning, so as not to fade. Cotton sofa with a washing machine after washing will be easy to hair ball, should be removed with a small scissors; if found loose thread, can not be hand torn, the use of scissors neatly cut it.
       3, blended sofa maintenance
       Blended fabric sofa is also cotton and chemical fiber material blended, can be presented or silk, or flannel, or the visual effect of the hemp. For the blended fabric sofa can be directly into the washing machine washing, which is the most easy to maintain a fabric sofa.
       4, linen sofa maintenance
       As the linen sofa fabric used on the surface of the gap, you need to often dust, remove the corners, fabric cracks within the dust. In order to avoid shrinking as much as possible, we are advised to send a special wash shop dry cleaning.


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