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Fabric sofa type and fabric knowledge

  • Update:06-09-2017
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       For the idyllic or country-style villa decoration, t […]

       For the idyllic or country-style villa decoration, the choice of a suitable cloth sofa is the focus of late decoration. Fabric sofa style and diverse, the price is also different, fabric sofa material, color, pattern is out of nothing, how to choose the superior quality of the fabric sofa? The following Royal flag sofa to tell you about.
       Fabric sofa by style is divided into: leisure fabric sofa and European fabric sofa. According to the material is divided into pure cloth sofa and leather cloth combined with sofa.
       1, casual cloth sofa: the design is more suitable for young people, the design is more in line with modern society, design ahead, sofa color rich, diverse styles, pick the first big. Suitable for modern decoration style.
       2, pure fabric sofa: refers to the sofa fabric all the fabric (such as: blended cotton linen suede, etc.)
       3, leather cloth combined sofa: refers to the fabric of the sofa fabric, leather, imitation skin composition.
       4, European fabric sofa: style is relatively large, there are limitations, must be accompanied by decoration, otherwise the style is inconsistent, so that the living room can not be class. Determine the quality of fabric sofa three factors determine the quality of fabric sofa There are three main factors: style, fabric, workmanship.
       Fabric sofa fabric classification
       High density NC cloth density NC fabric with nylon (nylon) and cotton yarn blended or interwoven a fabric, the warp and weft density, the general use of flat organization.
       Advantages: The product combines the advantages of nylon and cotton yarn, easy to wear, soft and comfortable, easy to clean.


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