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Flannel classification and purpose

  • Update:11-02-2018
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    After the brushed surface shows a rich fluffy cotton fa […]

    After the brushed surface shows a rich fluffy cotton fabric. Sub-single cashmere and double-faced velvet two. Single-sided cashmere-twill-based organizations, also known as beijiao velvet; double-faced cashmere to plain-based. Felt cloth soft body, wearing a body fit comfort, good warmth, suitable for winter underwear, pajamas. Printed velvet, yarn-dyed velvet rags should do women, children spring and autumn coat. Printed animals, flowers, fairy tale pattern flannel, also known as Beibei velvet, suitable for children to use. Natural velvet, bleached velvet, what color velvet, sesame velvet generally used for winter clothing, gloves, shoes, folders and so on. Fleece fleece is drawn by the wire needle tip many times the role of repeated in the fabric surface pull up part of the fiber formed, hair short, dense and uniform. Printed velvet brushed before printing, bleaching and variegated velvet in the last brushed. Flannel fabric used warp should be fine; weft should be coarse and twist less. Spinning weft cotton fiber should be coarse, and have better uniformity. Fabric by the density smaller, weft density larger, so that the weft surface appears on the surface, is conducive to the formation of weft cotton fiber plump and uniform hair. After velvet after brushed, the greater the loss of latitude, so to master the quality of cotton yarn and brushed process is very important. Fluffy cotton, single or double-sided fleece, especially for underwear and sleepwear.


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