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Flannelette pure cotton fabric sofa

  • Update:23-10-2017
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    Flannel sofa fabric sofa is the "old tradition", just f […]

    Flannel sofa fabric sofa is the "old tradition", just from the past to now, corduroy, suede, flashy and elegant sofa in the transformation of identity. Artificial suede, also called artificial suede leather, a kind of artificial leather. Imitation animal suede fabric with dense fine, soft nap on its surface, formerly modelled with cattle hide and sheepskin. Since 1970s, polyester, nylon, acrylic fiber, acetate fiber and other chemical fiber as raw material of imitation, to overcome the water shrinkage of hardened animal suede, moth, easy sewing difficulty, has the advantages of soft and breathable warmth, durable and durable, suitable for making spring and autumn coats, jackets, sweaters and other clothing and accessories also, can be used as shoes, gloves, hats, sofa sets, wall cloth and electronic original material.
    The artificial chamois is made of super fine denier chemical fiber as warp knitted fabric, woven fabric or non-woven fabric as base cloth, treated by polyurethane solution, and then re dyed and dyed. Plush sofa price is expensive, the best flannel to 500 yuan / meter, its luster is good, comfortable feel, a low-key luxury noble.
    Purchase tips: hand touch, soft smooth, with delicate silk texture; see, in the light, reflecting the elegant luster, soft and uniform color, the overall sense of strong.
    Cleaning trick: flannel fabric in the fabric sofa is a relatively high-grade material selection, therefore, must insist on vacuuming every two months, every ten months to do a professional dry cleaning.


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