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General Production Process of Jacquard Fabric

  • Update:10-07-2017
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    According to the customer's sample or color + fabric sp […]

    According to the customer's sample or color + fabric specifications, factory asks the processing plants which are professional in producing jacquard card and knitting technology to design processes and make the board. Then carry on feeding, dyeing, yarn (yarn dyed) (maybe 2 or 3), adjusting the dragon hook, hanging harness, drawing-in (in loom wear), loading machine, weaving density,
    The same of the jacquard weave, jacquard fabric and dobby fabric production havw two points of differences, one is that jacquard does not use heald frame, with more complex combination of faucet + harness cord + comber board + monofilament; the other is that jacquard curtain Is generally very long, in a jacquard back N yarns in with N block plate, have a special bracket for hanging curtain plate, wear plate combined with stress, which is in the opposite block lines wrong or about two tune, will find the wrong fabric Pattern, pattern plate debugging is very troublesome, hanging plate curtain the general frame and jacquard arranged together on top of the loom. Small jacquard board at most 24 pits, were used to control the heald frame lifting and weft selection, a large jacquard will have Thousands of pits, and jacquard pattern stitches corresponding to each hole position of a needle on the lines, whether to control the drilling hole how to carry a brown pit to control the number of warp Movement, the war number is the more than the dragon hook bearing in the each flower in one or more, the principle is the same trajectory of the warp can be hung in a long hook through their harness, if the root number too much, more than the dragon hook bearing Ability, can consider more hooks sharing, in many cases, the number of flowers in the whole cloth is a hanging hook on the harness number. The process of information transmission are card - peg - hook - harness cord - harness wire - warp.http://www.ruihengtextile.com/

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