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How to Care for Knit Fabric

  • Update:20-02-2017
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    Winter is approaching and we all look for warm and cozy […]

    Winter is approaching and we all look for warm and cozy knitted mittens, scarfs, sweaters and hats. Knitted garments are very practical and stylish things that almost every woman enjoys wearing during the cold season. Knitted fabric is breathable, hygroscopic and crease-resistant. Due to these properties many people opt for knitted garments, which don’t constrain our movements and keep us warm longer than other clothes.

    Most of us learn about cleaning and caring for our knitted garments the hard way. Whether we washed a wool sweater in hot water only to find that it felted into a baby-size sweater or washed a hat in detergent that made us break out into a rash, we learned a thing or two about knitted garment care.


    When purchasing knitwear, ask the sales representative for extra buttons. If the buttons fall off, it can be nearly impossible for the seamstress to find a perfect match, which can alter the appearance of the garment.


    The No. 1 rule when it comes to knitting storage? No hangers! Any knitted garment is going to stretch and droop when placed on a hanger. If you've ever hung up a knitted sweater -- even a store-bought one -- you'll know how a hanger can make those shoulders droop into an unflattering pile.


    Superwash wool can be hand or machine washed on the gentle cycle in cold water. Cotton, linen and ramie yarn can be washed in the washing machine on a gentle cycle using either cold or warm. Regular wool must be washed by hand in cold water or it will felt and shrink. Unknown fiber content items should be hand washed in cold water and laid flat to dry.

    Let it dry

    Shrinkage and stretching are two common problems that occur to natural fabrics due to improper drying. Never put your knitted garment in the dryer. Let it air dry. Sometimes I place the wet knitted garment between two towels, which quickly absorb the excess moisture as well. Don’t hang your knitted garments, if you want them to last for many years to come.

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