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How to Choose Curtain Fabric

  • Update:08-05-2017
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    Curtains of the purchase, to a large extent depends on […]

    Curtains of the purchase, to a large extent depends on the consumer's own preferences and taste, and constitute a variety of factors in the composition of the window products, the fabric texture is critical, many people have low shrinkage, color fastness, High density of high quality fabric as the first choice.

    Curtain cloth fabric texture of cotton, linen, polyester, silk, can also be concentrated raw materials mixed with. Cotton fabric texture soft, feel good; linen fabric drape good, strong sense of texture; silk fabric noble, gorgeous, it is 100% natural silk composition. Its characteristics for the natural, rough, elegant, strong sense of hierarchy; polyester fabric very scraping, bright color, do not fade, do not shrink.

    Different styles, materials, furniture should be equipped with different texture or varieties of curtains. Classical solid wood furniture, the most appropriate jacquard cloth, dyed fabric match, plants, flowers, fish and insects pattern is its subject of the same. Both the severity of companionship, hardness and softness, calm and concise without losing the elegant atmosphere. Plate furniture is more suitable for light texture, bright color printed cloth, fully mobilize lines, color and geometric visual experience, painted vivid and simple and simple modern life scenes. While the choice of a wide range of modern furniture, silk, metallic luster curtains, naturally preferred.

    Buy curtains color, material, should meet the different characteristics of the season. Summer with light material, transparent soft yarn or silk, to light is better. Winter is good texture thick, fine flannel, warm color to highlight the thick and warm. Spring and autumn with thick material ice silk, cloth, imitation silk, etc., color to color is appropriate. And cloth curtains, lively and bright, all seasons.

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