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How to clean suede?

  • Update:13-09-2017
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    Imitation suede fabric is the use of special textile ra […]

    Imitation suede fabric is the use of special textile raw materials, and with a special dyeing and finishing process from the processing of a special style of textile fabrics, is the current domestic market is one of the more popular high-grade fabrics. Imitation suede feel and appearance are similar to the natural suede, its surface texture is also similar to the natural suede, after a special finishing, fine and smooth, soft and plump, more durable than the natural suede, but also easier to maintain The It is widely used in modern fashion, shoe materials, toys and furniture decoration, is a novel decorative materials. Suede from the new raw materials for the main raw materials of ultra-fine fiber, after reduction (sanding) process, not only has a soft touch, drape good, stable (not because of cleaning and shrinkage or elongation), and has a good ventilation Sex, pest control, anti-corrosion.
    However, the suede is more difficult to care, not because of the texture is thick with a brush and other hard brush, as the leather will slowly thinning, you can go to a professional care shop to do some maintenance. What if it is dirty?
    If the suede is gray or dripped, use a dry cloth to wipe the surface of the dust, and then wipe the surface with a soft cloth, (be careful not to use too much, should be gently rub; if it can not wipe off Try high-level shoes powder, to the kind of small particles). And then use a special plastic brush in a direction to the suede on the hair straightened, because the velvet hair only in the same direction when the whole skin will make uniform uniform color.
    Finally, suede skin refiners can be used once or for two weeks (in the case of wearing a coat every day), after finishing the above care will be refurbished evenly sprayed at the suede one night, the next day you can wear.


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