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How to clean the fabric sofa surface

  • Update:11-09-2017
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    Cloth sofa surface how to clean, a lot of young people […]

    Cloth sofa surface how to clean, a lot of young people in the purchase of the sofa like to buy fashion fabric sofa, fabric sofa fashion beautiful, but too dirty, dirty how to clean it? This article for this topic for everyone to be introduced, so that you have a correct understanding of life, the following together to understand about it
    First, the cloth sofa how to clean? General cleaning process: you can use a special cloth cleaning agent. First with a clean white cloth dipped in a small amount of detergent, in the dirty place repeatedly wipe until the stain removed. To avoid imprinting, it is best to wipe from the periphery of the stain. Avoid a lot of water scrub, so as not to infiltrate the inner layer of the sofa, causing the sofa in the border damp, deformation, sofa cloth shrink, affect the overall appearance of the sofa shape. This method is very simple and very practical method.
    Second, the fabric sofa to a regular vacuum, so that the sofa can look a new look, which the sofa armrest, back and gap must also take into account. Of course you can also use a towel to wipe. When using a vacuum cleaner, do not use the suction brush to prevent damage to the weave on the textile section and make the cloth become fluffy, but also to avoid the suction to suck, so as not to cause the thread was broken. This method is simple and practical, and also extend the service life of the sofa. So it is very good.
    Third, if the sofa a large area of dirty, then they can not clean up, you can find a professional cleaning sofa staff to clean up. Sometimes the fabric is not the same as their own clean up the fabric may not get decent, so get a professional cleaning sofa staff is very good. This ensures that the sofa is not damaged, so it is very good.


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