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How to distinguish between superfine fabrics and suede

  • Update:21-08-2017
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    Super fiber cloth is a kind of flannel, feel fine, a bi […]

    Super fiber cloth is a kind of flannel, feel fine, a bit like cashmere, shoes with a lot of including: surface, inside, the package in the end, and some also anti-splashing water treatment, there is a superfiber is a PU leather , But the cloth is used in the ultra-fiber cloth.
    Sheepskin goat leather and sheep leather two. Sheepskin is characterized by thin leather, soft and smooth touch, small pores, irregularly divided parts, was flat round, sheep skin in the bag is a relatively high grade of raw materials. Now sheep skin also broke the traditional style, and processed into embossed, washable, printing and many other different types of style. The structure of the goat's skin is slightly stronger than the sheep's skin, so the tensile strength is better than the sheep's skin, because the skin surface is thicker than the sheep's skin. And sheep skin is the difference between the goat skin layer is more rough, smoothness is not as sheep skin, feel slightly worse than the sheep skin. Goatskin can now be made into a lot of different styles of leather, can wash the old skin, this skin is not coated, you can directly into the water cleaning, no bleaching and shrinkage is very small. Wax leather, the skin is rolled in the skin surface of a layer of oil wax, the skin in the face of folding or wrinkle, there will be some color lighter fold is a normal imitation leather is made of synthetic Made of materials, it is not afraid of boring, difficult to mold, the surface of good water resistance but synthetic leather is not high temperature, intolerant chemical erosion. Imitation leather has a lot of PV and PVC.
    1 according to the nature of the material points
    PU leather: PU is the polyurethane, divided into polyether type and poly type, and PU leather refers to the surface PU a kind of artificial leather products, characterized by the most soft texture, folding, a certain degree of hygroscopicity.
    PVC leather; PVC artificial leather of the first generation of products, it is based on textile or knitted materials for the base of polyurethane resin for the coating of leather products, is characterized by similar natural leather, bright appearance, soft texture, Fold, acid and so on.
    2 Classification by modification characteristics:
    Elastic leather: with good flexibility, clear lines, soft and rich color.
    Wiping leather: the surface with a certain effect layer, can produce friction with the bottom of the same effect, the formation of sensory two-color effect or classical color effect.
    Simulation of leather: a better simulation results, the face of a more clear mechanism of the pores, light top face, the pores will be blurred.
    Imitation velvet leather: with a similar characteristics of suede, the surface for the synthesis of similar fluffy state, the back was fibrous layer.
    Mirror leather: similar to the mirror skin, is a moisture curing polyurethane coating, so that the coating bright as a mirror, but the reverse is the synthetic layer or knitted layer
    Wipe leather: with the bottom and the surface of two-color cover, through the friction to make the background part of the reproduction, the formation of two-color shine effect.http://www.ruihengtextile.com/

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