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How to distinguish pure linen?

  • Update:13-10-2018
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    The price of high quality pure linen sold on the market […]

    The price of high quality pure linen sold on the market is higher. The price can also reflect the quality of linen. Most of the cheap linens are woven with hemp and the fibers are shorter. Individual merchants sell semi-linen linen and cotton linen to linen, and we can use the following methods to distinguish them.
    (1) Light transmission Check whether the thickness of the warp and weft is uniform. If the warp and weft are too uniform, it may be a cotton fabric.
    (2) Tighten the cloth to check the tightness of the weave.
    (3) The high quality primary color linen is brown, shiny and evenly absorbed. The linen is not good, and the linen is treated as a compliant fiber. The water absorption is uneven, and it will turn black after getting wet.
    (4) Outside worsted linen, the smaller the surface, the better.
    (5) Semi-linen fabrics have different vertical and horizontal tightness.
    (6) Pull a thread, if there are bends and points at both ends, the line is cotton. The linen thread that is torn off should be smooth at both ends, otherwise it is not pure.
    (7) If the caustic soda is applied to the canvas, the linen will be brownish yellow and the cotton will be pale yellow.


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