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In textile fabrics, mesh cloth and Bali yarn difference

  • Update:02-01-2018
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    First, there are mesh-shaped holes in the fabric, avail […]

    First, there are mesh-shaped holes in the fabric, available cotton or chemical fiber blended yarn (thread) weaving, but also useful yarn and thread intertwined. A white or dyed yarn, there are large jacquard, can be woven simple and different patterns. Breathability, after bleaching and processing, cloth body very cool, in addition to doing summer clothing, especially suitable for curtains, mosquito nets and other supplies.
    1, good air permeability and moderate adjustment ability. Compared with other banner fabrics, mesh cloth breathable better, the use of outdoor life cycle will be longer.
    2, it has a unique flexibility. Mesh fabric mesh structure, in the production process after high-temperature stereotypes, when subjected to external forces, can be extended along the direction of force, when the pull to reduce withdrawal, the mesh can return to its original shape. Mesh cloth is tens of thousands of high polymer synthetic yarn, refined from the oil. Made of knit weave warp knit, it is not only strong, able to withstand high tensile and tear.
    3, mesh cloth can not fade cleaning, you can hand wash and machine wash, the banner of the colorful and soft colors, and not fade.
    Second, Bali yarn, also known as glass yarn, English name voile, a kind of textile and apparel fabrics, is a kind of thin transparent fabric woven with plain weave fabric, belonging to the woven fabric.
    Warp and weft are used fine combed twist yarn, fabric in the warp and weft density is relatively small, due to "thin" and "thin", coupled with strong twist, the fabric thin and transparent. All raw materials are cotton, polyester cotton. Warp and weft yarn in the fabric, or both single yarn, or both strands.
    According to different processing, glass yarn dyed glass yarn, bleached glass yarn, printed glass yarn, yarn-dyed jacquard glass yarn. Glass yarn fabric texture is thin, feel very cool, clear cloth, transparent and breathable.


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