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Introduction to textile fibers

  • Update:04-05-2018
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    Although there are many kinds of textile fibers, they c […]

    Although there are many kinds of textile fibers, they can be basically divided into natural fibers and chemical fibers.
    First, natural fiber
    1. Brief description: Natural fibers refer to textile fibers that are found in nature or obtained directly from artificially cultivated animals. Usually includes:
    1) Plant fiber: A seed fiber: such as cotton B bast fiber: such as ramie, flax, jute, hemp, etc.
    2) Animal fibers: A Hair fiber: wool, rabbit hair, cashmere, camel hair, yak B secretion fibers: such as mulberry silk, tussah silk, silk silk, cassava silk and so on. C Mineral fibers: such as asbestos.
    2. Describe
    1) Cotton
    A Strong hygroscopicity, comfortable to wear, easy to dye, easy to shrink.
    B is alkali-resistant and acid-resistant. Mercerized cotton is treated with caustic soda.
    C. Cotton fiber is relatively heat-resistant, but it is not suitable for long-time treatment above 100 degrees. For example, the ironing temperature is about 190 degrees. The best blowing of cotton fabrics when ironing is good for ironing.



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