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Living room sofa fabric selection

  • Update:26-09-2017
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       One, fabric sofa    There are many styles of fabric […]

       One, fabric sofa
       There are many styles of fabric sofa, American and European style-style fabric sofa often used floral or checkered fabric to create a natural, warm atmosphere; Spanish classical style commonly used brocade and sandwiched gold satin fabric, temperament luxury The Cloth sofa can be washed off the cloth cover, you can also according to their own preferences and then do a different kind of cloth sets, in accordance with the mood to change. As the cloth flowers changeable, you can mix with different shapes, can also be used with different materials, creating a diverse style, at any time to show the pattern like charming.
       Second, cashmere sofa
       Cashmere relatively soft, sit up very comfortable, but the surface easily stained with a variety of fiber, a long time the surface of the cashmere will fall off, bad care, choose high-grade point of the fabric, so that it is not easy to shed hair.
      Three, pure cotton sofa
    Cotton cloth sofa has a comfortable and soft breathable features, and very close to the skin, is currently the most widely market share model. Among them, the pastoral style is the most used in the pure cotton sofa. Because of its low price, variety of colors, but poor flexibility, easy to wrinkle, easy to dye, less wear-resistant.
    Cotton cloth sofa in the purchase, the general players feel delicate, soft and thick, color, natural, uniform color. Pull the cloth head, with the fire that can, better quality and no smell of dust.
    Living room sofa fabric selection, living room sofa to buy

      Four, leather cloth combined with the sofa
       The last two years, leather cloth combined with the sofa began to go to the forefront of consumption. In the backrest and other easy to dirty but not easy to wash the place is the skin, and other close contact with the human body and easy to wash and wash the place is cloth, leather cloth with the same color. Now the latest leather cloth combined with the sofa fabric made of nano-materials, more convenient for cleaning.


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