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Mesh cloth level

  • Update:25-08-2017
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        According to the nature of outdoor sports activitie […]

        According to the nature of outdoor sports activities, Jackets and sportswear inner lining, mountaineering bag, part of the shoes of the upper, lining and so will use the mesh to do lining. As the body sweat and clothing between the isolation layer, to prevent moisture in the human skin surface tired, keep the air flow smooth, to avoid the waterproof breathable film wear and tear, so that clothing is more comfortable to wear. There are some high-end clothing used in the mesh also used to absorb moisture sweat function fiber to textile weaving.
    As the design concept and the process of making different, and some Jackets used directly into the mesh in the breathable film inside the three-layer composite cloth. Sandwich mesh according to the needs and characteristics of the use of some equipment also used a flexible yarn (adding a certain percentage of Lycra fiber) and other highly stretchable fibers woven with a certain elastic mesh, for example, used to make Mountaineering bag outside the water bottle, debris net bag backpack inside, shoulder strap and other parts are used elastic mesh fabric. Mesh for the more special uppers, for the requirements of light and breathable shoes, such as running shoes.
    Mesh cloth mainly divided into three categories: first, the main material mesh, used to help the exposed areas, light and good ventilation, bending resistance, such as sandwich mesh; second, collar accessories, such as velvet, BK cloth ; Third, cloth accessories, such as Lai new cloth. The main features are wear-resistant, breathable. In order to achieve the effect of light breathable, tennis shoes and running shoes will use a large area of the mesh; and basketball shoes tongue part of the mesh, the other part of the very few mesh. Mesh is generally used for strong need for breathable and light running shoes and other shoes.
    In general, mesh material is divided into two kinds, one is the use of 3D extension technology to create a dynamic 3D mesh Lycra spandex-mesh, the use of dynamic elastic fibers, as used in the boots shoe cover (Lycra) on the kind of The direction of the strong stretch elastic material, but also a lot of use in almost all light running shoes such as Air Presto Gym new element series, Air Jet Flight, the wind butterfly, Presto Cage and so on. Another type, in fact, is really mature in the last two years, along with the SHOX series began large-scale market, an injection molding of the mesh cloth, more like cortical material above, combined with the common characteristics of fabric and cortex And appearance, masterpiece is NIKE SHOX R4 (+), Air Max Tailwind series. A small part of this material after the upper improvement even with waterproof ability.


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