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Mesh cloth related knowledge

  • Update:11-12-2017
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    Mesh applications in outdoor equipment has been more ex […]

    Mesh applications in outdoor equipment has been more extensive, such as in the lining of the clothing, net bag backpack, vamp and so has applications. What material weaving it? So what is the characteristics of mesh, the following simple to introduce some knowledge about mesh.
    Mesh cloth, also known as mesh cloth, to be precise that it should be called warp cloth, simply said that by the warp knitting machine (knitting) woven fabric. Mesh mesh size and mesh depth can be based on demand, by adjusting the stitch machine stitch weaving, such as our common diamond, triangle, hexagon, as well as cylindrical, square, square, etc. mesh. The diversity of mesh shapes is a major feature of warp-knit fabrics, with a wide range of areas covered by the fabric and a wide range of applications in outdoor gear.
    At present, the materials used for mesh weaving are generally polyester, nylon and other chemical fibers, which have the characteristics of high strength, light weight, high resistance, low temperature and good hygroscopicity.
    According to the nature of outdoor and sports activities, the inner layer of the assault clothing and sportswear, the mountaineering bag, the upper of some shoes and the inner lining are all lined with mesh cloth. As the isolation between the body sweat and clothing to prevent moisture on the human skin extremely tired, to maintain smooth air circulation, to avoid wear-resistant waterproof breathable film, so that clothing to wear more comfortable. Some high-end apparel used mesh cloth also used to absorb moisture wicking fibers to textile manufacturing. Due to the different design concepts and manufacturing processes, some jackets are made of three-layer composite cloth directly attached to the inner side of the breathable film. According to the needs and characteristics of use, some equipment also uses a flexible yarn (adding a certain percentage of Lycra fiber) and other strong stretchability of the fabric made of a certain elastic mesh, for example, used to make mountaineering bag outside The water bottle, debris net bag, backpack inside, shoulder straps and other parts are used elastic mesh fabric.


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