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Mesh cloth

  • Update:01-09-2017
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    The mesh size and mesh pattern of mesh fabric can be kn […]

    The mesh size and mesh pattern of mesh fabric can be knitted according to the requirements of the knitting machine, such as the most common diamond, triangle, hexagonal, cylindrical, square, square and so on. At present, the materials used in weaving are polyester, nylon and other chemical fibers, which have the characteristics of high strength, light weight, high and low temperature resistance, and good moisture absorption effect.
    Principle of mesh effect: single needle single row staggered configuration set in the circle is not closed to the hanging arc straight, will be part of the yarn section transferred to the connected coil, the coil is bigger and rounder, thus forming a staggered honeycomb mesh in weave (non through hole), the fabric surface effect is negative.
    The ring mesh fabric forms an uneven mesh fabric with single needle double rows or single needle multi row circles. The more the hanging fox in the circle, the more obvious the concave convex effect and the bigger the mesh. Single pique mesh fabric lacoste fabric: due to two consecutive negative set ring, honeycomb shaped mesh is more obvious than the single bead, the thickness and the width of the fabric also increased.
    The main advantages of fabric mesh cloth
    1, both to protect the skin from the liquid and particulate pollution, but also make the skin breathable;
    2, effectively prevent bacterial and fungal infections;
    3, light texture, convenient cleaning and disinfection, anti-static;
    4, good resilience, to provide buffer protection, easy to wash fast dry
    5, chemical finishing agent and fuel consumption less, no pollution, low ignition point;
    6, good fastness, not layered, hot and humid comfort
    7, good mechanical properties and chemical stability.
    8, environmental non-toxic, moisture-proof mold, can be recycled.


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