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Mesh fabric categories and attributes

  • Update:13-04-2018
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    The warp knitted fabric refers to the method of prepara […]

    The warp knitted fabric refers to the method of preparation. It belongs to the category of warp knitted fabrics in knitted fabrics.
    There are two types of mesh fabrics: single-layer mesh and double-layer mesh.
    Double-layer net double-named 3D breathable mesh fabric uses a common "X-90" structure, consisting of double-sided mesh (top and bottom) and center monofilament embedding. The sandwich consists of many monofilaments. Its special structure has superior elasticity and breathability. Because of its three-dimensional mesh structure, it resembles Western sandwich burgers, so it is named: Double-layer mesh is also called sandwich mesh. According to the shape is divided into anti-bacterial net cloth, honeycomb, mesh shoes cloth.
    Knit mesh cloth use
    That is, mesh-shaped holes in the textile, it is mainly organic mesh mesh and knitted mesh cloth. Woven mesh fabric has good air permeability, after bleaching and dyeing, cloth
    The body is very cool, in addition to doing summer clothing, especially suitable for doing, mosquito nets and other supplies. Knitted mesh fabric is also divided into two types, weft knitted mesh fabric and knitted mesh
    The eye cloth, in which the warp knitted mesh cloth is generally woven with West German high speed warp knitting machine, the raw materials are generally, polyester, etc., and the knitted mesh cloth products have high elasticity nets
    Eye cloth, mosquito net cloth, laundry net, mesh net cloth, hard net, sandwich net cloth, Keli special, embroidery net cloth, wedding dress net, checker net,
    Transparent nets, U.S. nets, diamond nets, jacquard nets, and other mesh cloths.


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