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Method for Identifying Fabrics of

  • Update:20-06-2017
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    Smooth cloth fabric with warm, beautiful appearance and […]

    Smooth cloth fabric with warm, beautiful appearance and good flexibility and other characteristics, is used to make a suit of choice for fabric. But with the development of modern textile technology, a variety of relatively low price of imitation wool fabric is also more and more, and also gives a real feeling. The following Xiaobian to introduce you to identify several ways to identify the fabric, you can choose in the selection of clothing:
    Look color: the color of the matte look natural soft, bright and no old sense. In contrast, blended or pure fiber fabric, to shine relatively dark, or is a sense of flash.
    Hand feeling: matte fabric is usually relatively smooth feel, and soft but not board, but blended or pure fiber, some not so soft, some is too soft and loose, and there will be a sticky feeling.
    Test the elasticity: hand tighten the fabric and then immediately release, look at its flexibility. Generally, the resilience of the abrasive cloth is relatively high and can be quickly restored, but the blistering property of the blended or purified fiber product is relatively poor. Most of them have obvious traces of wrinkles, or are relatively slow to recover.
    Burning Method: Draw a bunch of yarn at the fracture of the abrasive cloth, then ignite it with a match, carefully observe the speed of the fiber burning, the color of the flame, and the remaining ashes. General pure wool fiber burning faster, the flame is small and have hair burning smell, immediately after the fire off. And after burning the ashes were curly-like, there are black knot, with your fingers will be easy to twist, is powder. If there are viscous granular appearance, it shows that the fabric has been contained in chemical fiber composition, viscose-like particles harder, the higher the proportion of chemical fiber composition.log on to our website for more details :http://www.ruihengtextile.com/

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