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Please be Careful to Protect Your Suede Fabric

  • Update:10-03-2017
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    Suede is a smooth, velvety-like leather. The term was o […]

    Suede is a smooth, velvety-like leather. The term was originally used in France, indicating a particular type of soft gloves imported from Sweden. As time goes by, the word refers to any leather material with a smooth matte surface. It is usually used for making boots, gloves and other fashion accessories.

    Natural suede is a type of leather made from the underside of animal skin. The interior of animal hide is significantly softer than its exterior. Suede fabric is the happy medium between comfort and durability found in fabrics. It has a wide array of uses due to its warmth and fashionable appearance. Proper care for your suede fabric is important to sustain its appearance.

    Suede is easily damaged and needs to be carefully protected. Suede fabric's nap is what sets it apart from other fabrics so it is vital that this quality is preserved.

    Store your suede fabric in a sealed container and put it in a cool room.This protects the fabric from direct sunlight that will cause the material to fade it over time. Place the suede in a container like a plastic bag or cardboard box, and prevent it from collecting dust.Suede has a tendency to cling to whatever touches it, so it is better to prevent damage than to fix it. Spray a coat of suede protector on your fabric to keep out any water or oils that will damage your fabric. This is highly recommended to ensure the quality of your fabric.

    Usually, the suede is produced from a piece of leather inside the cracks or fleshy cracks. Because it comes from a thinner leather, suede is less durable than full grain leather. The best way to clean suede is to use dry sponge or suede brush to remove dust and dirt. Suede shoes can also be protected with silicone spray, which will prevent water damage and soil buildup. After applying the spray, you can use sandpaper or diamond plate to restore the hair.

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