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Sofa cover making attention to detail

  • Update:25-12-2017
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    Some details of the production process of the sofa cove […]

    Some details of the production process of the sofa cover or pay attention to avoid unnecessary trouble in future use.
    One of the details: the interface switch to easy to disassemble the accessories
    Careful if you find that the design of unreasonable sofa sets, disassembly is very troublesome. Sofa cover design to use Sihetun buckle, elastic rope, Velcro, zipper and other clothing accessories commonly used, the design more humane, more easy to disassemble, completely solve the situation after the sofa cover can not be used after cleaning.
    The second detail: to solve the problem of shrinkage
    Shrink sofa sets people crazy ah, in fact, the fabric from the fabric factory has a certain shrink, clothing will be reserved in the production Shrinkage, pillow washed to the ideal size!
    This process can not be used directly on the sofa, because the sofa after the sofa body to ensure that the size of the agreement, no size, after cleaning can remain the same, so after the selection of the right fabric, there are two kinds of shrinkage method:
    ① A small amount of household washing machine can be used directly to wash and dry;
    ② Large amount of industrial washing machine can be washed with water.


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