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Sofa cushion what material is good?

  • Update:30-10-2017
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    Sofa cushion can not only increase the comfort of the s […]

    Sofa cushion can not only increase the comfort of the sofa, you can also play the role of maintenance sofa. So the general sofa will be prepared sofa cushion, the current market sofa sofa material types are many, the main materials are: cotton, plush, linen, chemical fiber, plant fiber and so on. What is the sofa cushion material is better?
    1. cotton sofa cushion: sofa fabric produced by the sofa cushion feel very good, not easy to get the ball, get on is a kind of enjoyable feeling, compared with the plush material, cotton sofa cushion price cheaper , With a high price characteristics. Of course, the cotton material sofa cushion can only be used for winter.

    2. Plant fiber sofa cushion: With the strengthening of people's environmental awareness, the emergence of plant fiber sofa cushion, by people like, because the plant fiber is very natural and environmentally friendly, it has a sweat breathable, toughness is good, easy to break, the price Affordable and so on, many modern people practical mats cushion is the plant fiber, suitable for summer.
    3. wool plush sofa cushion: wool weaving cushion is also a wrong choice, because the price is cheap, the market style of a variety of features, has been popular with the public, it can also be based on their own room space style, Color to produce their own like the sofa cushion. Is one of the popular fashion elements on the market today, suitable for winter.
    4. Linen sofa cushion: flax fiber with its natural, simple, rare, natural color noble known as: "natural fiber in the fiber queen." Flax function similar to the human skin, there is regulation of temperature, protect the skin, anti-virus and other natural anti-bacterial function. Linen fabric with good health performance, moisture absorption heat fast, breathable and smooth, body feel comfortable, Dongnuanxialiang, eliminate static electricity, anti-fouling and other health care functions.
    5. Sponge sofa cushion: the thickness of the general requirements in the 4.5-6.5 inches in height, the density of at least 30kg above the high resilience sponge, sponge with spring structure, generally covered with a bag spring package core, the surface covered with a layer of 1 inch sponge, Plus full duck feathers filled with full sponge cushion to ensure the softness of the surface, will be in the sponge surface bonding 2 inches thick spray rubber is very suitable for winter use.
    6. Chenille sofa cushion: chenille sofa cushion with high-end luxury, soft, suede full, drape good and so on.


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