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Sofa fabric identification and fabric

  • Update:04-12-2017
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    The market is dominated by leather and fabric sofa, 50% […]

    The market is dominated by leather and fabric sofa, 50% of the cost of leather sofa leather, of which the first layer of leather imported from Italy for the best, the leather embryo pliable and firm, less leather surface treatment, smooth and soft touch, smell Light is more environmentally friendly.
    The second is the domestic leather, professional sofa manufacturers will have a small leather goods in a trademark bag or a nail on the sofa.
    As for the fabric, a considerable variety of fabrics can be divided into domestic and imported fabrics vary greatly, the general cloth points Ma, cotton, blended, chemical fiber. Europe and the United States specializing in the production of sofa-specific fabric quality, minimal color, high color fastness, non-weft fabric oblique, in particular, some high-grade fabrics to improve anti-fouling capacity, the surface also carried out special treatment. Imports of high-grade fabric also has anti-static, flame retardant and other functions. Natural cotton, Ma more common, and now the most high-end sofa mostly with the latest synthetic material 3M waterproof mousse cloth, it has good waterproof performance, without affecting the breathability and moisture permeability of the fabric. Smooth and elegant luster, soft, smooth, delicate, warm touch, fluffy and elastic body.
    So, how to judge the fabric is good or bad?
    Feel the surface of the sofa by hand, whether there is the phenomenon of stimulating the skin, observe the overall part of the sofa fabric color is uniform, the joints are solid and flat part of the workmanship is fine. Open the matching pillow zipper, observe and touch the lining and the inside of the stuffing; lift the sofa to see if the bottom is meticulous, sofa legs are straight, smooth surface treatment, leg bottom mat, and other details.
    If you really can not distinguish between cloth good or bad, but also try to ask the salesman, with the same cloth to do a sofa cover how much? If the proportion of the total fabric sofa accounted for the higher, indicating the worse the quality of the sofa.


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