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Sofa fabric profile

  • Update:20-09-2017
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       Flannel sofa    Flannel sofa is like a small animal' […]

       Flannel sofa
       Flannel sofa is like a small animal's fur, giving the deepest impression is that it is delicate, gentle touch. And this kind of fabric sofa has a stylish appearance, a good color was, dust, anti-fouling and so on. From the past corduroy, to the present suede, flannel sofa in the vulgar and elegant change in identity. But the couch sofa easy to static.
       In the purchase of couch sofa, try to feel soft and smooth, with color uniformity, shiny good, the overall sense of strong. Such as cashmere flannel, can be used to touch back and forth, with no obvious color, white is better; and short cashmere flannel cashmere the more dense the better, the more thick cloth.
       Linen sofa
       Linen sofa has the characteristics of cool in winter and cool in summer,, but also has a good thermal conductivity. Even if the summer is hot, do not have to worry about the situation will be sweating sticky. Linen sofa texture close yet soft, soft and hard moderate, with a simple and natural temperament.
       Buy linen sofa, depending on whether the surface is flat, there is no thread or interface, which is a key indicator of good or bad lin. If you want linen sofa softer, you can choose a higher cotton composition of cotton and linen sofa.
       Blended sofa
       This kind of sofa is blended with chemical fiber material, which is easy to wash and avoid hot, bright color, strong and durable, flexible characteristics, but also can show or silk, or flannel, or the visual effect of the material, but the flower And the color is not natural and pure, the price is relatively cheap. In recent years, with the difference between the chemical fiber and mixed fiber, the rise of blends, coupled with the increasingly perfect finishing process, blended fabric soft feel and high simulation results can almost fake.


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