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Sofa sets of cloth

  • Update:09-10-2017
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       At present, the fabrics used as sofa covers are made […]

       At present, the fabrics used as sofa covers are made of cotton, hemp and cashmere. Which type of cotton is currently the most widely market share, consumers should first touch in the selection, feel soft and delicate and thick is preferred; two, flower type should be three-dimensional nature, color uniform and soft; three smell, with lighter burning cloth lint, better quality and no smell of dust.
    Linen is advantages of natural ingredients is cool, high grade, and can also be full. Because the shrinkage of the hemp is very high, it should be asked whether the cloth has been soaked for a long time and shrunk.
    Flannelette furniture made of expensive furniture, but its gloss and comfortable feel. When buying, you should use your hands to feel soft and smooth.
    1. cotton
    Cotton, soft, docile, good use to fit the sofa curve on the sofa, summer sweat, winter cold insulation, comfortable life is the top grade. A block of patterns and patterns are sewn together by artificial stitching, with embroidery, plus its unique lace, but also show its unique style.
    2. combed cotton
    The pure plant activity of high-grade color printing and dyeing process, the product is not easy to fade, does not contain formaldehyde without irritation, truly safe are cotton cloth sofa sets can effectively control the growth of mites, let the family have a healthy living environment.
    3. pure cotton
    Cotton yarn is coarse, so the fabric like gauze, one hundred percent cotton with sweat absorption, ventilation, anti mite effect, fabric sofa sets natural health, suitable for any crowd. Fabric sofa sets baking skid bottom cloth, with anti-skid particles, composition of polyester fiber, suitable for families with children at home.
    4.linen cloth
    The fabric sofa cover made of linen cloth has good air permeability and makes it a free breathing fabric. It is made of high quality linen, and the fabric is thick and durable. Texture tentacles available, perfect embodiment of high-grade furniture life. Fabric sofa cover, fabric warp and weft staggered, full of texture, fabric gap larger, with good permeability.
    5, cotton fabric and pure lace
    Cotton fabric and lace meet pure, fresh, fresh and feminine light color cloth sofa, soft light color, make indoor more fresh, more fashionable. Fabric sofa covers the anti slip particle design, sofa sets and sofa more fit, not easy to slip, delicate water soluble lace design, fresh and elegant.


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