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Sofa size definition

  • Update:27-11-2017
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    The international definition of the size of the sofa is […]

    The international definition of the size of the sofa is wide * deep * high, not long * wide * high.
    1, the width refers to the sofa from left to right, the maximum distance between the two armrest periphery, which is usually referred to as the sofa "length."
    2, seat width = width - armrest width * 2
    3, single sofa, two people, three people is based on width and seat width to decide, because these two data determines the length of the sofa seat.
    4, the depth refers to the sofa from front to back, including the backrest, including the maximum distance before and after the sofa, which is usually the meaning of what we call the "width."
    5, seat depth = depth - the thickness of the back
    6, due to the style requirements, the depth of the sofa 80-100, seat depth 55-70 are normal, but some of my friends like the deeper sofa, because sitting will feel very relaxed. But the depth can not be too big:
    ① take into account the style.
    ② depth is too large, the human body will be difficult to rely on the sofa back.
    ③ fear of the edge of the sofa is just falling in the middle of the lower leg, affecting the degree of comfort.
    7, the height refers to the sofa from the ground to the highest point of the sofa up and down the maximum distance, and the usual meaning of "high" is the same concept.
    8, seat height = distance from the ground to the seat surface
    Europe and the United States big sofa seats will be 43-47 height, the reason Asians tall, basically in the 40-45 between the OK, and the total height to be combined with the entire sofa style, not too easy to change of.


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