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Some of the Common Problems with the Suede Fabric after Cleaning

  • Update:05-04-2017
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    Suede leather refers to the surface of the leather is t […]

    Suede leather refers to the surface of the leather is the use of leather leather (growth hair or scales side) made by grinding leather called chiffon; the use of leather on the back (meat) made by grinding leather called The Suede leather finished products wearing comfortable, good health performance, but in addition to oil made of suede suede, suede easy to dirty and easy to clean and maintenance.

    Speaking of suede after washing the state, suede after washing should be the first soft, the second should be uniform color, the third is clean, the fourth should be suede have a sense of writing. The first to write a sense of writing, after the suede suede should be erected, hand can be written in the above (dryer drying agent to reach a certain degree of process can reach this level). Say the color, after washing the suede should be uniform color, if the cortex itself is doomed to the color can not achieve the same color, at least should be the boundary for the seams, a piece of leather on the color should be consistent.

    Leather body clean, generally can be achieved, but when washing more alkali, fade will be very heavy, complementary color more effort. Heard of some methods in the washing before the first velvet. For the cleaning of the velvet when the 360-degree dirt all washed away.

    The most thought is that the leather body is soft. Suede washed for so many years, personally think that washing, the effect is better. Personally think that suede dry cleaning effect is not as good as washing, I think it is in the process of washing and drying, the leather itself is not the water, and become the same as kraft paper state. May be the experience of washing is not enough, if the washing experience more, you can solve the above problems.

    Washing suede common problems, fade (which can be compensated by later complement color), leather hardening (late finishing softening can make up). Some people say that in the washing before the first tune the color to stay in the wash after the color. I think most of the cleaning suede are through a period of time, fade is understandable, if you have to add the old suede new color, one is laborious, the second is too much change in color customers may not accept , Thankless. Leather hardening, that is, late soft work less than the time to join the mechanical force can be better (artificial may be more laborious).

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