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The difference between cotton and canvas

  • Update:30-03-2018
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    What is the difference between cotton and canvas? Which […]

    What is the difference between cotton and canvas? Which is better with cotton and linen? Cotton and wool buffing products are made of cotton (plant), hemp (plant) hairs (animal hairs), and are used for polishing and grinding. Cotton and hemp are the plants that grow out of cotton and hemp, respectively. Fine cotton and linen are deep-processed. If you use this kind of fabric as a mat, it is more comfortable than pure cotton canvas.
    Hemp is the plant's cortex fiber, its function is similar to human skin, protect the body, adjust the temperature and other natural properties. Linen garments can reduce the perspiration of the human body compared to other fabrics. The rate of water absorption is several times faster than silk and rayon fabrics and even more than cotton fabrics. The contact with the skin creates a capillary phenomenon, which is an extension of the skin. The natural breathability, hygroscopicity, refreshingness and moisture absorption of flax make it a textile that can breathe freely. At room temperature, it can make the temperature of the human body feel down by 4-8°C, which is called “natural air conditioning”.
    Cotton is the blend of cotton and linen. That is, there are the advantages of hemp and the advantages of hemp.
    Cotton: Excellent: Good comfort, soft feeling, strong sweat absorption
    Lack: poor durability, poor elasticity, fading, wrinkle
    Hemp: Excellent: comfortable, breathable, affordable
    Lack: itchy skin, poor elasticity, discoloration


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