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The difference between the ring flannelette with brushed fabric

  • Update:15-01-2018
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    The difference between the ring flannelette with brushe […]

    The difference between the ring flannelette with brushed fabric, cashmere is formed in the ring flannelette fluff on the rod was cut after the formation of plush terry, not cut terry.
    The fleece fabric if double weave (see fleece loom), then take the knot in the pile warp between the upper and lower two layers of fabric, and then from the two layers will be cut down by. Be cut down by the loose form plush, and formed two separate pile fabrics. The fleece fabric can also be woven for single rod raising. Common velvet, plush fleece fabric etc. were used by organization system.
    Pull flannel: cotton fabric cotton brushed surface presents rich fluffy cloth, through the surface of the rolling process to produce more pinhole cashmere, wool, strong stereoscopic, high gloss, feels soft and thick. It is characterized by a cotton fabric with a smooth and fluffy surface.
    Distribution of single pile and brushed fleece two. Single cashmere organization with twill, also known as Serge velvet; fleece plain. Flannel cloth body soft, wearing comfortable body, good warmth, suitable for winter underwear, pajamas. Printed flannelette and yarn dyed flannelette are suitable for women and children in spring and autumn. With animal, flowers,  suitable for children to use. Grey cashmere, cashmere, cashmere, bleaching colored sesame cashmere is commonly used as clothing, gloves, shoes and hats, winter clip etc.. The fleece is brushed by cloth machine wire tip repeatedly, pull up a part of the fiber in the form of the fabric cloth, short fluff, dense and uniform. Printed flannelette printing before brushed, bleaching and mottled in last brushed flannel. The warp of the fabric of the flannelette is fine; the weft should be coarse and the twist is less. The cotton fibers made of weft yarn should be coarse and have better uniformity. The fabric is smaller and more dense, so that the weft is floating on the surface, which helps the weft cotton fiber to form a full and uniform fluff. Brushed flannel, weft strength loss is bigger, therefore grasp the yarn quality and brushed process operation is very important. Fluffy cotton cloth, single-sided or double-sided fleece, especially for underwear and nightwear.


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