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The key to choose the sofa is fabric and material

  • Update:06-11-2017
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    Usually they are divided into leather and two categorie […]

    Usually they are divided into leather and two categories.
    Frequently Asked Questions: When buying software furniture, consumers are faced with the problem of not being able to tell the difference between software furniture fabrics. Such as leather sofa, leather light sofa can be divided into leather, Microfiber leather, green leather and domestic 4 kinds of leather, but the leather can be divided into layers of skin, the second layer of leather, three layers of leather. As an ordinary consumer buying, it is difficult to identify the quality of the sofa cortex and the difference. Individual irresponsible shopping malls, the use of consumers to make a fuss about this, shoddy, abusive phenomenon occurs from time to time. Therefore, customers should understand before buying a certain purchase of knowledge, to buy software furniture, both to buy favorite furniture, while not being cheated by bad businesses.
    Expert Weapon:
    Select software furniture, pay special attention to the frame, cushion and fabric material used. Such as leather sofa must be clearly stated in the contract is full leather, semi-leather or thick leather sofa, so as to avoid sales staff to semi-leather sofa posing full leather sofa. At present, the frame part is more commonly used hardwood (catalpa, ash, etc.), the connection part of the mortise connection structure is better than the screw connection structure; the sponge used in the cushion should pay attention to the use of standards, the higher the density the better, In addition, the resilience of the sponge is better; fabric strength is better, high-strength fabric should not be drawn, the skin will not relax.
    Mattress purchase should pay attention to the strength of the spring, filled with materials and fabrics. Spring strength depends on the steel used in the steel, the higher the better the steel, the better material is manganese steel; filled with cotton felt (or chemical fiber felt) and brown, cotton felt permeability, chemical fiber felt Better strength; fabric selection anti-mite treatment of the fabric better.
    At the same time, pay attention to the firmness of the furniture structure. Such as the purchase of a sofa can force the hand inward force to move diagonal parts, if there is shaking or creak noise, indicating that the structure is not solid.
    Check the sofa or bed (pad) internal structure of the material for mildew, moth-eaten phenomenon; observe the furniture lining meets the requirements of the industry standard layers, health indicators.


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