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The use of mesh cloth

  • Update:17-07-2017
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    Mesh cloth can be used to adjust the use of indoor ligh […]

    Mesh cloth can be used to adjust the use of indoor light curtains, mesh cloth can be based on the needs of life lighting or shading. Protecting privacy Use curtains to block the privacy of private space. If the scenery outside the window is not ideal, you can use curtains to cover or modify the scenery outside the window, people do not pay attention to it. In turn, if the scenery outside the window is very impressive, you can also attract the sight through the curtains, borrow the room into the room.
    Protection of furniture in the sun exposure or sun sun drying computer window, wood flooring, carpets, piano and furniture under the influence of high temperature and high light prone to fade and deformation, and even affect its function and use, with sunscreen function curtains can protect them From sun exposure, reduce damage.
    Mesh cloth can also play a role in regulating room temperature. Summer heat of sunlight through the windows into the room, in order to summer will choose to shade and radiation curtain fabric; winter indoor heat through the window to the outside, you can thicker curtains, to resist the cold, adjust the indoor temperature. Noise reduction Curtain is the medium of the room and the outside world, and the sound of the outside is also transmitted through the window to the room. The use of thicker it, cashmere and other fabric curtains, can absorb the noise, to a certain extent, play the role of noise control.
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