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Three types of sofas

  • Update:18-12-2017
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    High back sofa, ordinary sofa and low back sofa 1, Low […]

    High back sofa, ordinary sofa and low back sofa
    1, Low back sofa is a rest of the light chair, it is a support point to support the user's waist (ie, lumbar). This sofa backrest height is low, the general seat from about 370mm, backrest angle is also smaller, not only conducive to rest, but also to move the entire sofa more convenient, lightweight, small footprint.
    2, Ordinary sofa is the most common kind of sales on the market for such sofas. It generally has two supporting points supporting the lumbar spine, can get with the body back to match the surface. Such sofa backrest and seat angle is the key, sofa backrest and seat angle is too large or too small will cause the user's abdominal muscle tension, fatigue. Similarly, the width of the sofa seat surface should not be too large, the width of the seat surface generally required within 540mm, so you can freely adjust the position, rest more comfortable, and can prevent the waist between the empty, not backache back pain.
    3, High back sofa, also known as aviation seats. It is characterized by three pivot points, so that the waist, shoulders, back of the brain at the same time leaning on the curved backrest. The three support points in space does not constitute a straight line, so the production of such sofas higher technical requirements, the difficulty of selection is relatively large purchase.
    To make high-back sofa wooden frame, must be clearly made on the shelf of the turning point formed by three points, or the process of masking the sofa, it is difficult to ensure the location of the support point, giving the user a sense of discomfort. When buying high-back sofa to pay attention to the back of the three support points of the composition is reasonable and proper, can be judged by the test seat. High-back sofa is evolved from the lounge chair. In order to improve rest performance, but also with a footrest, placed before the sofa, the height of the front seat sofa with the same height.


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