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Use of suede leather

  • Update:03-07-2017
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    A general term for the surface of fine leather. To incl […]

    A general term for the surface of fine leather. To include some or all of the positive particles of sanded leather and meat grinding velvet suede leather (Si Weiji suede leather). Multi pigskin, cowhide and sheepskin are made by chrome tannage. Suede leather is only dyed and dyed, without finishing. It has good sanitary property and easy maintenance. Common quality requirements are fine and uniform villi, no fade, waterproof, no greasy feeling. Used to make uppers, clothing and gloves.
    Refers to the surface of a suede velvet leather with leather (front side haired or scaly) by buffing process called suede leather; the opposite (meat) by a process called suede buffing. The two layer of skin made of buffing called two suede. Because no suede coating, the better air permeability, softness is improved, but its waterproof, dustproof and maintenance of poor fastness no grain. Suede leather become low. Suede leather is comfortable in wearing and good in sanitary performance, but suede leather is easy to dirty and not easy to clean and maintain except for suede made of oil and tan. Mainly used for: leather shoes, leather clothing, leather bags, gloves.http://www.ruihengtextile.com/

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