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What are the fabrics on the sofa?

  • Update:16-10-2017
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       1.Cotton: it is taken from the cottonseed fiber, pic […]

       1.Cotton: it is taken from the cottonseed fiber, picking processing, ginning, carding, fight, combing, spinning, worsted into cotton yarn and then by cotton yarn Zhixiang cotton. Advantages: strong moisture absorption --- cotton fiber is a porous material, the internal molecular arrangement is very irregular, and the molecule contains a lot of hydrophilic structure. Warmth - cotton fiber is a bad conductor of heat, cotton fiber cavity is full of non-flowing air, comfortable to wear --- does not produce static electricity, good ventilation, anti-sensitive, easy to clean.
       2.Colyester (synthetic fiber): Synthetic fiber is made of polymer compounds, polyester is one of them, it is also called polyester fiber. Advantages: strength, strong wear resistance, good elasticity, heat resistance is also strong; Disadvantages: lack of hydrophilic structure between molecules, so poor hygroscopicity, poor ventilation.
       3.Cylon: scientific name polyamide fiber, is made in China polyamide fiber collectively. Also known as  "nylon". Advantages: strong, good wear resistance, the first fiber. Its wear resistance is 10 times that of cotton fiber, dry fiber is 10 times the fiber, wet fiber is 140 times. Therefore, its durability is excellent. Nylon fabric elasticity and elasticity of recovery is excellent, but small external force easily deformed, so the fabric in the process of wearing easily wrinkled.
       4.3 M waterproof mousse cloth: The fabric using modern technology - "new synthetic fiber" that is ultra-fine fibers as raw materials woven high-density fabric, soft, smooth and delicate, the fabric has a lot of dust, to Oil, decontamination capacity. Both with good waterproof performance, without affecting the fabric of breathable and moisture permeability. Glossy and elegant; feel soft, smooth, delicate; warm touch; cloth fluffy and flexible.
       Fabric sofa in addition to a variety of fabrics to choose from, but also because it has always been convenient and advancing with the times the design concept, occupy a considerable market share, which is certainly not behind the reasons. In fact, for our ordinary consumers, the purchase of household goods do not have to buy expensive leather materials such as sofa, apply and facilitate more in line with our modern family life needs.


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