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What is a ring of flannelette?

  • Update:22-01-2018
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    The woolen ring formed on the woolen rod is cut off to […]

    The woolen ring formed on the woolen rod is cut off to form the wool and the cashmere is not cut off.
    A system of warp or weft (cashmere or cashmere weft) by cutting off the plush stands formed in the surface of the fabric, a system of warp and weft yarns (warp and weft) constitute the fabric organization, the organization said raising organization. In the Western Han Dynasty, China had been able to produce complex jacquard cashmere fabrics. The pile and pile weave weft pile two. The organization of the organization to fleece plush fabric and ensure root consolidation has certain strength. The cutting process of the cashmere and plush weft is carried out after the fabric is formed.
    The fleece fabric if double weave (see fleece loom), then take the knot in the pile warp between the upper and lower two layers of fabric, and then from the two layers will be cut down by. Be cut down by the loose form plush, and formed two separate pile fabrics. The fleece fabric can also be woven for single rod raising. Common velvet, plush fleece fabric etc. were used by organization system.


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