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What is flocking?

  • Update:29-01-2018
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    Fleece is the use of fleece weaving and then cut throug […]

    Fleece is the use of fleece weaving and then cut through the organization, the surface has a dense, flush, towering and shiny fluff, it said velveteen. Velveteen warp and weft yarn are made of high quality cotton yarn. Smooth velveteen plump flat, thick texture, soft, soft, durable, warm and durable, flexible, easy to wrinkle. According to the different yarn, divided into velveteen (cut through the velveteen) and weft velveteen (cut weft velveteen). The velvet to warp yarn up by two sets of warp (to the meridians and cashmere) and a group of weft interlaced into double-layered structure of the fabric, after the cut into two smooth velveteen single layer of velveteen, velveteen tissue The general use of plain, velvet consolidation to V-based method of association, to the meridians by the ratio of 2: 1 and 1: 1 two. The velveteen hair by different length, divided into the train velveteen and mercerized velveteen. Trains velveteen longer, commonly used as a train seat cushion; mercerized velveteen short, mercerized, bright cloth, commonly used as clothing, military leaders and decorations. Weft velvet velvet weft yarn is composed of a group of warp and weft yarn (latitude and longitude) interwoven, and corduroy similar. Multi-purpose plain weave, but also useful twill. Villus consolidation generally V-consolidation method, the latitude and longitude of the weft ratio of 1: 3. The difference between it and the corduroy is the weft-weaving organization point to a certain regularity, staggered by the floating point. Therefore, weft density than corduroy, fabric tight, plump plump. Weft velvet is mainly used for clothing and decoration. Velveteen washing should not force scrub, so as not to affect the plump plump, smooth. Velvet fabric is velvet fabric flannel.


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