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What is suede?

  • Update:21-09-2017
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       Muntjac is a mammal, like a deer, a skin that is so […]

       Muntjac is a mammal, like a deer, a skin that is so soft that can be tanned. Suede is the animal muntjac fur, and now the so-called suede is actually more accurate should be called: imitation suede. Many people to the word to read the word read "deerskin".
    Imitation suede is imitation animal fur from, so with some of the characteristics of animal fur, the surface with a sense of cash, easy hair loss, feel comfortable and so on, while some of the performance is even better than natural suede, such as the fabric hair soft , There is waxy, drape good, thin texture and so on.
    The suede is made of ultra-fine fiber island silk spinning, weaving, grinding, dyeing, carding made of chemical fiber fabric. Widely used in clothing, home textiles, shoes, bags, car supplies, can be described as widely used.
    Suede fabric is divided into: woven suede, knitted suede, non-woven suede
    Woven suede divided into:
    1. Weft suede, weft yarn used in the island of silk, yarn used polyester DTY, common specifications for the 75D * 225D, water jet or air-jet looms made of satin weaving. According to the number of organizational structure cycle can be divided into: five Sister, six, eight and so on.
    2. By the suede, warp using the island of silk, weft with DTY, generally 105D * 200D 105D * 300D, etc., warp sanding.
    Knitted suede is divided into: warp suede, weft suede, four suede suede.


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