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What is the sofa fabric material?

  • Update:31-08-2017
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    In modern decoration, the role of fabric sofa is also m […]

    In modern decoration, the role of fabric sofa is also more and more prominent, the design also need fabric sofa auxiliary to better reflect the decoration style, furniture products sofa is a more common product, the production of a lot of the brand sofa, production Sofa fabric is also a lot of each material, the pattern will show a different style, with other items will also produce differences, of course, the price is also an important factor. Therefore, the product is more favored by consumers. At present, what are the sofa fabric material? Then for everyone to introduce.
      Cotton sofa
    Cotton fabric fabric sofa soft breathable, natural environmental protection, very close to the skin, is the current market share of a wide range of models. Pastoral style used in cotton sofas.
    Features: price, color variety, but less flexible, easy to wrinkle, easy to dye, less wearable.
      Flannel sofa
    Flannel sofa gives a deep impression that it is ultra-delicate, gentle touch. From the past corduroy, to the present suede, flannel sofa in the vulgar and elegant change in the identity. Compared to other fabrics, couch sofa price is expensive, good velvet to 500 yuan / m.
    Features: a stylish appearance, a good color rendering effect, dust, anti-fouling, etc., but easy to static.
    Linen sofa
    Azabu sofa is a charming place than its good thermal performance. Even if it is summer hot, do not have to worry about the situation will be sweating sticky. Linen sofa texture close yet soft, soft and hard moderate, with a simple and natural temperament.
    Features: more wear-resistant, easy to fold, do not fade, can not afford the ball, will not produce static electricity, in the wet place will not mold.
    Blended sofa
    Cotton and chemical fiber material blended, can be presented or silk, or velvet, or noodles of the visual effects, but the flowers and colors are not natural enough, the price is also more. In recent years, with the difference between the chemical fiber and mixed fiber, the rise of blends, coupled with the dyeing and finishing process is improving, blended fabric soft feel and high simulation effect can almost fake.
    Features: easy to wash without iron, colorful, durable, flexible.
      Leather cloth combined with sofa
    In the backrest and other easy to dirty but not easy to wash the place is the skin, and other close contact with the human body and easy to wash and wash the place is cloth, leather cloth with the same color. Now the new leather cloth combined with the sofa fabric made of nano-materials made, more convenient for cleaning. It is understood that the current market there have been a seemingly leather, in fact, cloth sofa, such as red and new leather couch sofa, wheat high fiber cloth sofa.
    Features: combined with the advantages of leather and cloth, but higher than the price with the same grade sofa
    The above is the sofa fabric material specific introduction, we can according to their own needs, combined with the design style to choose the right sofa, of course, come out to choose the material with the price there are many other needs to pay attention to the situation, you can do according to the actual purchase confirmation.


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